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‘Now we on the rooftop’

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SORRY, THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED (due to corporate media corruption, greed, and fear)

Posted on October 7th, 2011 by admin

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Test-Tube Beef

Posted on September 11th, 2011 by admin

“Willem van Eelen was born in 1923 in the Dutch East Indies, yet his youth of freedom ended abruptly on May 10, 1940—the day the Nazis invaded the Netherlands. Van Eelen enlisted and served in Indonesia, but he was eventually captured and spent most of the war as a prisoner, dragged from one P.O.W. camp to another. After the war, he studied psychology at the University of Amsterdam, but he struggled with the intertwined memories of starvation and animal abuse in the camps. At one lecture, he was seized by an idea: “Why can’t we grow meat outside of the body? Make it in a laboratory, as we make so many other things.” In-vitro meat can be made by placing a few cells in a nutrient mixture that helps them proliferate. As the cells begin to grow together, forming muscle tissue, they are attached to a biodegradable scaffold. There the tissue can be stretched and molded into food, which could, in theory, be sold, cooked, and consumed like any processed meat. Most people laughed when they heard about van Eelen’s project—it took decades for the science to catch up to his imagination. That began to happen in 1981, when stems cells were discovered in mice. In 1999, van Eelen received U.S. and international patents for the Industrial Production of Meat Using Cell Culture Methods. A new discipline, propelled by an unlikely combination of stem-cell biologists, tissue engineers, animal-rights activists, and environmentalists, has emerged in both Europe and the U.S. Teams are forming at universities around the world.”

Test-Tube Meat | The New Yorker

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Artwork by Freshjive

Cassini Mission

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“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”

The footage in this little film was captured by the hardworking men and women at NASA with the Cassini Imaging Science System. If you’re interested in learning more about Cassini and the on-going Cassini Solstice Mission, check it out at NASA’s website:​science/​index.cfm

Track: 2 Ghosts I, Ghosts I – IV by Nine Inch Nails​

Self-Directed / Edit / Sound Design / Comp / Color

Cassinni Mission by Chris Abbas | Mars Artist Community

Iconic Skate Graphics Come Alive

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Stay Asleep

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My computer is out of commission for a short while. I hope to be up to no good again by the end of the weekend. Until then I’ll be posting lightly, maybe jump on the ol’ Tumblr a little bit.

photo via Dead bodies on Mount Everest

The Fall of an American Icon

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“Apple Computer, once the hip flagbearer of high tech, is in sad decline. There are lessons aplenty.”

Article February 5, 1996 | Business Week

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