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Healthcare or Bust

Posted on June 21st, 2011 by admin

“A $1 bank robbery was what Richard James Verone thought would get him thrown in jail so he could get the medical attention that he needs.

The unemployed, uninsured 59-year-old has a growth on this chest, two ruptured disks and something wrong with his left foot. He figured if he held up a bank for a dollar, he’d get thrown in the slammer and be seen by a doctor.

So, earlier this month, he walked into the RBC bank in North Carolina and handed the teller a note that said, “This is a bank robbery. Please only give me one dollar.”

It was Verone’s first attempt at crime. After he held up the bank with his note, he sat on a couch, unarmed, as the teller called 911, and they waited patiently and peacefully for the police to arrive.”

$1 bank robbery doesn’t pay off | Los Angeles Times

“Magic” Mushrooms

Posted on June 20th, 2011 by admin

“A team from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine recently published results from a roughly year-long experiment. The researchers worked with 18 volunteers who were given pure psilocybin to measure how it affected people and how different dosages changed the experience. The subjects were screened for psychological health and given the drug in a pleasant environment, after preparatory guidance. They even had a soundtrack consisting of ‘classical and world music chosen to complement the arc of the psilocybin action, from onset, through the peak of the effects, and subsiding back to baseline.’ …

Looking back over a year later, most of the experiment’s 18 volunteers (94 percent) rated a psilocybin session as among the top five most or as the topmost spiritually significant experience of his or her life. […] Most volunteers (89 percent) also reported positive changes in their behaviors, and those reports were corroborated by family members or others, the researchers say. The behavior changes most frequently cited were improved relationships with family and others, increased physical and psychological self-care, and increased devotion to spiritual practice.”

Why We Need to Take Magic Mushrooms Seriously |

Handheld Nostalgia

Posted on June 18th, 2011 by admin

I used to play this game for hours. I think the PS3 will get some rest as I nerd out on Hipopotam’s digitalized collection of handheld electronic games, with almost 30 different playable games.

Posted on June 15th, 2011 by admin

Vans x Hermes

Posted on June 12th, 2011 by admin

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Revok Free

Posted on June 10th, 2011 by admin

-After 44 days and 24,000$ of debt I am finally out of jail… Thank you soo very much to all of you people who showed your support with drawings, paintings, etc. It means a great deal to me that there are people out there that actually give a shit.

I fucked up and didn’t pay a fine or complete my court ordered community service in time… So i was arrested by the lowest of lifeforms within the L.A. Sheriffs dept.(The graffiti task force) while waiting to board a flight to Dublin at LAX. The sheriffs ended up charging me with 2 additional charges for painting 2 separate murals with the property owners consent… Apparently if you paint a mural in Los Angeles with the consent/support of the property owner it is still a crime if the said mural is not done in conjunction with the Dept. of building & safety(Never mind that the Dept. of B.S. has NEVER issued a permit for a mural) -It seems i am facing severe criminal prosecution and a major civil lawsuit if i ever paint a mural in Los Angeles again… Regardless if i am commissioned or endorsed by the building owner since i will never be issued a permit by The Dept. of BS.

Anyways thank all of you again for your support through my latest(HOPEFULLY LAST) battle with the law… This ship would have sunk deep into the depths were it not for the support of my family & friends to whom i owe a tremendous debt… I LOVE YOU GUYS, THANK YOU!

I Love L.A. |