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The importance of lettering.

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Check the rest of the post at 12oz Prophet.

Merry Christmas.

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Emily Wells

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I don’t really fuck with Biggy remixes or mashups, or anything produced using his name after death….. That being said, this is worth fucking with.

The Electrical Legion

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What the First Cyber-War tells us?

“The scenario is well known. WikiLeaks opens governmental closets revealing the old folks’ homes of buried skeletons. Immediately, unmistakably raped women are found, Assange is arrested, the domain is closed, accounts are suspended, and the king red in the face is about to blot out the undesirable mouse that dared to challenge his power. The Web’s reaction is unprecedented. Anonymous hacktivist groups, like the guys who stood behind the Operation Payback, spread the giant botnet, dozens of thousand common users allow the installation of attacking software on their computers, and the result is that DDoS attacks topple web sites of the Swedish Prosecution Authority, PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa. The shut-down WikiLeaks is incessantly reproduced by the digital matrix, one clone by another, and byte by byte, the information remains in the ether, reflected in hundreds newborn mirrors.

Only yesterday, the Web was a fragile sail boom on the winds of accident’s mercy. International and endless, it nevertheless shrunk when power institutions applied their sanctions, and intruded. It happened with The Pirate Bay, or when publications were banned, or when dissident bloggers were arrested. In love with this parallel universe, we watched its deplorable obedience to the order outside of cables and monitors. There were times when the Web bucked trying to defend itself. Oftentimes, it only made noise though. Yet what happens now is the true historic moment of coming to power. The new frontline is formed, and the soldiers here are the shadows who charm computer networks like snake charmers, using the clean code.

Cyber does not mean a coffeehouse in a library anymore. It is the awakening collective organism that flexes its united muscles. It does not only defend itself, it attacks. This evolutionary moment portends the subsequent logic that the digital autonomy is only a matter of time. With every war, the state will be forced out of the international republic of pirates more and more. The Web offers a new identity for dreamers, romantics, and anarchists, and this identity inspires the fight for the independence of the meanings exchange, and for the right to define one’s own degree of informational awareness, and involvement on one’s own.”
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Hound and the Hare

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Join us for the opening reception of our good friend Cody Comrie’s first solo show: Hound and the Hare. FACTORY413 is providing the open bar, so there will be plenty of free drinks to help you better appreciate the epic artwork. 10% of all proceeds from the show will benefit The Humane Society of Los Angeles

Friday Dec 17, 7:00PM – 12:00AM
R&R Gallery | Project
929 East 2nd Street Suite 106
Los Angeles CA 90012

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