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There is definitely two ways to do it.

The Sartorialist….

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Your photos are on point! Choice of lighting, objects, and surroundings for on the spot photography. I really need to pay debt and step up my gear.

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The Sartorialist.

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VVORK | Le grand fatras«, 2005 by Gwenaël Bélanger.

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With some good, comes some bad.

Another GOOD Post.

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“We need to learn more about how to present information in forms that are agreeable to culturally diverse groups, and how to structure debate so that it avoids cultural polarization.”

That is what I am trying to create a debate, a platform, a stance against a VERY, VERY strong force of money and careless commercialism. It’s because there is such a strong “polarization” between these two (ideologies) groups involved that it’s easy to either conform out of ignorance, or said by Alicia Capetillo, “people are more willing to be open-minded if the potential benefits are consistent with their already established point of view.”
So you may be more inclined to support Walmart, Skatelab, or these other businesses because you may have established that the low prices, or the new-room are benefiting you.

I understand a Skatepark isn’t cheap to maintain, either is any business (specially in this time in our industry, with striking resemblances of the early 90’s death Pepsi=Mt. Dew, Red Bull, MTV, etc… PLUS the economy) But to tread on the corporate waters that so many are making waves in these days, jus does not align with the the point of view of skateboarding as I know it, NOR does it make it OK with the LOCALS. Jus some. These decisions are lowering quality and price standards for your own industry. Did you guys forget as soon as were not COOL anymore this guys are going to drop your ass? So I only try to create a space for some others to get mad about someone putting a price tag on skateboarding’s “unique graphic approach that kids will be drawn to.” For fucks sake, for someone who takes pride in art and design as-well, this is how you will represent our unique graphic approach?!?!

And I’m the one who gets called a Hipster? What kind of emo, punk, skull, shit is this. Did you take the time to ensure the designer of this line knew ONE SHRED of skate culture? Is this MMA (affliction, Tapout) or skateboarding? Punk is raw and what-not Radinsky, but I hope our boys in the UK can stop the spread better than us yanks.

I just ask that a younger generation can ponder and ask their own questions after this because of the “messenger affect” that Captillo mentions. “…meaning people are more likely to listen and accept facts if they come from people with similar worldviews. When data comes from a mouthpiece people can relate to, the protective walls come down and any perceived threat to their values decreases.” As someone closer to your age (not maturity, as Huber mos definitely got me beat on that), and someone closer to your world views, I challenge you to actually read these articles, question everyones business choices, Get up, Get out. (GET MAD) Get something! (thanks Little Brother).

It’s like some fucking Alex of Macedonia shit,
“We’ve always wanted to expand beyond our building, he says, “so we’ve been licensing our name in several categories. We started with a few shirts in Macy’s, Taget and JC Penny’s, and after presenting our line to Wal Mart it was a really good fit.”

AKA softgoods wholesaler > skatepark in $$$$$$$

This was most contradicting of Todd’s interviews. | Transworld Business

At least the other interviews he stood strong behind selling out, now he says he fights big box stores, while bashing locally owned Boardshops that once shared pride in the skate community they had built together (On second thought, that was built by the shops prior to 12 years ago.) You can buy a skate deck from a billion places these days. For someone to rip on a kid for buying a stick next to a surf or snow BOARD, is comical when HE signed the papers for his product to be sold next to AMMUNITION, TIRES, DOUCHES, DIAPERS, MILK, $29.99 Complete Skateboards…. Fuck, you know what WALMART, JC PENNY, KHOLS, TARGET, and the lot carry.

Read more: How cultural values shape climate change beliefs (or any beliefs) | GOOD Magazine.

Rocket Signs Skatelab, Will Exhibit at BLE (Sells Out to UK) | Watch out cliche, blueprint and all you European others!

Skatelab Launches Apparel Line In Wal Mart (SkateMART) | Transworld Business

“When asked if any Skatelab devotees were opposed to the licensing, Huber says: “Why would my customers give a shit? I think by now everyone knows it is almost impossible to build and keep a private indoor skatepark running and we have been doing it the right way for almost twelve years.”

I hope I have given you enough reasons “to give a shit”, cause this core skater did. Thanks for baby-sitting, I’d be fine with a FREE outdoor one, without time restraints, and a place that kids from all sides of the train tracks could afford (FREE). The world is yours to skate, paint, and express yourself. Don’t pay anyone to put you in a box and then sell you.

But of course how it all started BOB HUBER is runnin’ for mayor.

“As a young voter, its sounds like there are no options for our interest in the future of Simi Valley. I will actively try to spread word against Huber. As a skateboarder who is enrolled in community college, I have seen enough of from the Huber Family to not want to support them. For a beautiful city that wants to support “SHOP SIMI,” the current council has let in Wal-Mart, Plans for a second super Target?????, a shameful excuse for an un-needed mall, and plenty more unnecessary BIG BOX stores that are already available on either direction on the 118. The beautiful golden hills I grew up to enjoy over the past 20 years are now gone, and you continue to allow the demise of Simi Businesses, BUT SOMEHOW KEEP BUILDING SIMI. ONTO HUBER, I wish at this time I was more educated on how little Huber probably did for MY college experience, but that will come as the race comes closer and my research grows. I have been supporting Todd Hubers Skatepark since day one and over time they have turned a mediocre facility for youth to meet, into a place to squeeze each dollar out of you. The hopeful youth of Simi and I had met many times at city planned meetings to create a FREE and SAFE place for skateboarders to meet without scheduled sessions and expensive fees. This council has CONVENIENTLY squashed this plan repeatedly. You can use any excuse you’d like, “the Rancho Pool needed a face-lift”, or the wonderful oh so popular dog park. So not only is the skatepark a Simi Valley Monopoly, but their new ventures include selling the skateboard licensed products in these BIG BOX stores (WAL-MART, KOHLS, and TARGET) across the country and INTO OTHERS LIKE THE U.K. , without offering any of this back to the community, (although Todd loves to rave he’s giving it back to us, acts like he’s the only one who chooses to ride a bike round town) If these are the Huber Values for personal gain, doesn’t sound like much of a choice to me. Appointed or Elected, with these candidates I see more of the same. (SIGNED) -Nick Vic”

Pops never had anything to do with the funding… but you can see where I was headed with the Values….
Confirmed: Bob Huber Is Considering Running For Mayor

I urge you to read both I and Todd’s words, in ALL the interviews and posts. Try not to spell sell-out.

I had made pamphlets to leave on the Skatelab bench of information, but as this debate turned to aggression, I was asked not to drop them off, so I post this post instead with the info and pictures. Here is what you’ve been coming back daily for Todd, turn that screen around and start showing your friends hourly. Or is this one not as fun to flaunt?

Signing off on the subject matter,
-Nick Vic, a young hippie who has to go sell all his NIKE’s now.

PBS on When Wal-Mart comes to your town.
High Cost of Low Prices Documentary